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Russian CH Upstart For A Biker
RIP  2013

I fell in love with this guy the first time I saw him on the St'James website a few years ago. 
His long neck, elegant style and fabulous reach just mesmerised me.
I had always wanted something out of him, but for one reason or another, nothing ever panned out . 
I guess there were other plans in store for us, and instead, we were able to obtain Biker for our very own.
Unfortunately we lost Biker in late 2013. He died of cancer. He left quite a legacy of his kids and grandkids all over the world. 

He arrived here at C'lestial's in April 2009
We feel he has a lot to offer the breed, both in health and type, and will be later offering his services to approved females by private treaty 

He is PRCD-PRA-Clear/Non Carrier
Some of his offspring have also been Optigen tested with clear/normal results for PRA.

Biker has been used at stud extensively in Brazil, Russia,  Sweden and other European areas. 
He has sired buffs, silvers, silver buffs, blacks and black & tan.
Some of his offspring have achieved Best In Show in some Countries.
Several are finished. Grandkids overseas and in the USA are now in the show ring and several have already finished.
I have gotten in contact with many of them and here in the USA who have his offspring and have gotten good health reports.
I have also had some help with contacting many of the breeders behind his pedigree in Russia and overseas and have gotten pretty good reports back.(Thanks Donna)

We will be planning his first US litter sometime in 2011. We are really looking forward to this breeding

PRCD-PRA-Clear/Non Carrier
OFA-Patella's -CS-PA574/78M/P-VPI
Hips tested "good/normal" in Brazil



Biker is doing well here in his new home. He came in the door like he'd been here forever and within about a minute, took over the toybox..especially the squeakie toys. 
We also have another tennis ball addict amongst
us ..LOL

He's very sweet and minds very well. Great personality.
And he doesn't lift his leg in the house!! Yea!!
Very la-de-dah,..I'll do whatever you want as long as I get a toy out of the deal.:-)
Each day he surprises me with some new aspect of his goofiness and that tail of his can sure beat out a drum solo .LOL

He LOVES his squeakie toys, especially his CUZ's and really gives them a workout. He loves to squeak them and if they aren't squeaking enough, he jumps up and down on them, and if that doesn't work, he talks and mutters at them. If they still don't respond.., he barks at them. :-)

He plays well with the other dogs, and runs like the wind.
And loves mud puddles! Yuck!

I really adore this fella, and so very glad he's here.
He's done remarkably well adjusting  especially as many times as he has lived with different people over the years.
I think he knows he's HOME now :-)

For a 7 generation pedigree with coat colors
and health information, click button
Pedigrees with colors and health

                                            Biker-June 2009

Several fanciers have contacted me since 
Biker has gotten here; wanting to know what he REALLY is like..

First of all, he is not a giraffe.:LOL
He has a very nice neck and it IS long but not drastic looking .:-)

He is 7 years old and has matured nicely.
He has a very pretty face and sweet expression. 
A big nose, big teeth and a good scissors bite. 
He is not overly plush as in overdone, but he isn't sporty either.
His coat texture is perfect, shiny, straight, smooth and easy care.. 
He has nice coat; it's very correct and fairly thick, and NOT curly or cottony.
He has a very hard slightly sloping topline, well sprung ribs and a strong wide rear.
Biker has long legs and his reach and drive are amazing.
He is a tall elegantly built boy, and is the correct height per the standard.

Yes he does have a full long tail, and it curls up over his back somewhat, when he's out playing.
I DO see why Cockers should be docked as he is constantly
hitting something with it, although he's never injured it.

 We are trying to grow his coat in from his previous haircut and once it's come
in and he is groomed up, we'll be posting current pictures of him...Providing he will stay out of the mud, grass, snow and anything else he throughly enjoys rolling in. :-)

The digital painting at the top left of this page and the photo of him above 
standing in the snow look like he actually looks today.
and of course, the photo taken this past June.


3-Generation Photo Pedigree Below

BIS Rus CH, Grand CH, Club CH
Helada Hill's Formula One
Helada Hill's Success Is Never Blamed
Inter CH, Multi CH, Grand CH, Rus CH, FIN CH, LV CH, Lit CH, BLR CH, 2xClub CH, RKF CH
Helada's Superstar
Secret Illusion Girl De La Vigie
Helada Hill's Royal Grace
Lat CH 
Dynamite's Cash Cushion
Domino Moonlight's Show 
Solid Gold Queen
My Pichi Minks
Int, Rus, Lit, Blr CW CH
Just Having Fun de la Vigie
Am CH Gazon Superstar
Int/Am CH
Gazon Shoot For The Stars
BIS Helada Hill's Royal Fortune
Lat CH
Dynamite's Cash Cushion
Domino Moonlight's Show
Solid Gold Queen