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Welcome to C'lestial Cockers ! 
We are located in SE Kansas, by the Missouri, Oklahoma borders.
 I have been involved in dogs for over 35 years, have always loved cockers, and finally got the chance to get my 1st cocker in the early 90's and have been hooked since then.

Some of my dogs are shown in conformation, some in performance, others are rescues we have. Our dogs have done well in conformation, performance as well as registered Therapy dogs and seizure alert dogs.
We strive for quality and breed for the total package; health, temperament and adhering to the breed standard.

I am very involved with Cockers in most aspects and also have a particular interest in pedigree and health & genetic research in Cockers.

I'm a member of the Tulsa Cocker Club.
I am  the Co-Founder of Cocker Spaniel Rescue of the Mid Plains. 
I also run the longest running Cocker list on the net: Cockers@yahoogroups.

I also run the SHOWCOCKERS List which is comprised of Show and Performance fanciers from all over the world. (Both lists are also on Facebook)

We breed 1 or 2 litters a year-often less.
My goal is to do my best to help direct the producing of healthy, happy, quality, loving Cockers that are also bred to the Standard

We mainly breed for the solids, in both varieties, concentrating mostly on black & tans and browns
Although we do have other colors.

Pups are available to approved show, performance or pet homes.
Pets go on spay/neuter contracts only

The Hoodlums playing ball in the back yard
Our cockers are pets and family first and live in our home.
I am a semi retired RN, and I also work from home.
So I am home all the time with our dogs.  Vacation? What's that? LOL

They are my 4 legged "kids" and with "kids" you spend a lot of time, 
playing with, grooming, cleaning, picking up toys, training them 
and loving and enjoying them :-)

Cockers have always been my dream dog since I was a kid, 
and the love I still have for them 50+ years later,is just as strong.

Photo of me and a Cocker named "Sarge" in 1958

My cockers are well adjusted, loving happy SPOILED dogs 
and I spend and enjoy time with all of them.

They run and play together (when no one is in season), 
and they love and respect me as their pack leader.

I spend enormous amounts of time watching their behavior, 
how they interact with each other and their doggy language. 
I feel it is important to know dog behavior and be able to 
communicate with them. 

We all can learn a lot if we do; not only with behavior but understanding unconditional love and acceptance.

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