Glory, AKA Buzz-Bomb, was a buff girl and is littermate
to Prissie.
Glory was born September 11, 2001
She is out of CH Julre's Untamed Heart
and Kissie.
Glory was owned and spoiled by Jim and Beth Slagle in Virginia.
She was quite the kid:-)
She finished her championship, May 24 2003, handled by Tom Dowell.
She got her final 2 points in
Williamsburg  under Judge Christine Pollender going WB, BOW, and BOS
Ms Glory is our 1st home bred champion and we are really proud of her:-)

June, 2005, Glory made the mistake of eating a poison mushroom, and the poisionous after effects 
started shutting her system down.
Aug 25, 2005, she closed her eyes in Beth's arms at home,and went to Rainbow bridge
Rest easy little girl, many tears have been shed to float you up to Heaven.

CERF-Clear (NORMAL) 12-2003

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